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Your questions – Bible Q&A

Many people are searching for answers to life’s many questions. We believe that the Bible explains the one true path to salvation and a relationship with God. The Bible is also the best self-help book ever created, and contains advice regarding all aspects of the human experience (money, jobs, family, children, parents, sexuality, health, etc).

We have created this forum to allow anyone to ask anonymous questions that we will gather and then answer during the Sunday evening Bible study. We think that many people desire to know more about God and the Bible, but they may feel intimidated to ask their honest questions (for fear of sounding skeptical, being embarrassed to ask, etc.). This anonymous question submission allows anyone to submit a question. We will review the questions and then post on this page the date of the 6:00PM Sunday evening service where we will answer the question. We will use the Bible as our primary reference.

    Use this form to send us an anonymous question.